• Средство для чистки испарителей BLUECLEAN

Средство для чистки испарителей BLUECLEAN

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  • BLUECLEAN foams up to improve the cleaning process
  • This makes the initially liquid cleaner work more intensively and wets the slats more effectively
  • The result is a longer service life
  • Aggressive, acidic cleaners are no longer needed
  • Clean slats improve evaporator performance


  • for removing existing mould
  • minimises health hazards
  • extends the evaporator's service life
  • less aggressive than other chemical agents
  • minimises impairments to evaporator performance
  • evaporator consumes less energy
  • Ideal for basic cleaning before installing BLUECAT hygiene lights

How to use:

  • Spray on BLUECLEAN cleaning agent
  • Allow to work (foam will form)
  • Rinse with clear drinking water


  • for rinsing, we recommend a nozzle with a spray function like those used in gardens.