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Premixes for cocktails

Making alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails is much simpler and faster with ProfiFOOD premixes.

Our product range is based on the products of Spanish company EasyMixers.

Complex flavors are based on the preferences of cocktail-lovers in European countries.

Premixes for cocktails is the perfect solution for professional bartenders!

Our assortment includes 11 basic flavors that compare favorably with syrups and smoothies for cocktails available on the market

Due to the stable quality of premixes, there is always the opportunity to fix the recipe, simplifying the manufacturing process.

All basic recipes for alcoholic cocktails are calculated based on a dosage of 100 ml. premix EasyMixers and 50 ml. alcohol + ice.

Recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails are calculated based on a dosage of 50 ml. premix EasyMixers and 200 ml. tonic + ice.

Great foundation for creativity!

Create new tastes - mix premixes with any alcoholic drinks and tonics.

Advance your drinks menu effortlessly!

Get familiar with EasyMixers premixes today!

Our professional demonstration bartenders are ready to come directly to your place and demonstrate the quality and capabilities of our products. During the demonstration, we will show you options for new cocktails, a combination of premixes with different types of alcohol and tonics.

We work with a wide network of distributors and deliver throughout Ukraine.