Blackcurrant with Basil

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Blackcurrant with Basil

Excellent base for any kind of hot or cold drinks. 

LEMO premixes- mix of natural purees, in ideal liquid consistency for easy drinks preparation. 

Just add 40 gr of LEMO mix to water (hot - for tea, cold+ice - for cocktails), mix, an serve your customer.

You are not needed own preparations - we already made all necessary operations on our industrial equipment. 

Our plant is certified acoordingly to all highest standarts of food safety, quality and sustainability.

Easy to use packaging - sashet 40 gr:

  • Easy countable portions of drink
  • Hygienic environment 
  • Not required of af addtional cooling equipment 
  • Easy to open

Shelf-life and storage conditions: 6 months in regular storage temperature 20C or can be freezed to -18C

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