LEMO Puree, 40 gr

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LEMO Puree

Our new assortment purees for drinks, packed in 40 g sachet.

This is an ideal solution for fast and high-quality preparation of hot or iced tea, cocktails and milkshakes. 

Stop making drinks using the frozen berries! Leave it in the past!

Our products are a mixture of natural boiled berries and sugar with the consistency convenient for shots and dosing.

A convenient packing of 40 grams allows you to quickly make tea, lemonade or smoothies - just opening the bag, pouring the puree into a glass, diluting with hot water or cold sparkling water with ice.

In our assortment the most popular and traditional tastes are:

  • Blackcurrant with basil
  • Ginger, lime, honey
  • Sea-buckthorn berries
  • Mango passion fruit

The products are absolutely natural! Consists of berries, sugar and water.

Make sure of the products quality - order samples from our distributors or call us +38 (044) 599 93 96 or e-mail: info@profifood.com